Asana Climbing Gym

Idaho is perfect for bouldering. The state’s geological history includes massive deposits of magma that shape the landscape all along the Snake River Plain. Ancient super floods and the Snake River have carved canyons and filled them with large basalt boulders offering climbers the chance to practice the sport they love without the need for a partner or a slew of expensive equipment.

People have told me that bouldering is less intimidating than climbing with a rope. I’m not sure if I agree. Even though there are nice pillowy crash pads all along the base of the shorter walls at Asana gym in Garden City, a fall from a higher section could result in a nice broken ankle.

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Tire Rotation Basics

Last time I checked, tire maintenance is still pretty important. You should treat your tires like your own children, with strict discipline. You should also give them plenty of attention and devote your energy to their care and wellbeing.

For tires to grow up healthy and well-balanced, they need to be rotated and hugged often. Well, they don’t need to be hugged, but I have my own methods of care and it’s nobody’s business.

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Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Build

There’s just something wonderful about that combination of bread, cheese, and tomato sauce that makes pizza so alluring. And it’s highly customizable. You can pretty much throw anything on and toss it in the oven.

I’ve eaten hundreds of pizzas—both fresh and frozen—and nothing compares to a pizza fresh from a wood-fired oven. After watching several YouTube videos of Italian pizza makers and their mouthwatering techniques, my girlfriend and I decided to build our own oven as cheaply as possible using materials from the hardware store.

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