Summer Adventure Series: Mountain Biking

Hi Everyone! We’re excited to bring you Week 2 of our Summer Adventure series. This series is meant to inform and equip you with useful resources for making the most of this summer.

As a reminder, our goals for each article are to:

1. Equip & Inspire – Each article will be specifically crafted to outfit you and your vehicle for the given topic.

2. Dive Deeper – Though some of the recommendations will be straightforward, we’ll also include products you’ve never thought of or know much about, but can have an impact on your adventure.

3. Support Local – We’re a local small business and want to support other local small businesses. That said, we also want to give you options, so we’ll include both a local business and an online outlet for you to choose from.

This Week’s Focus: Mountain Biking

Boise is a mountain biker’s paradise. With over 150 rideable trails in the Boise area alone, you will have no problem finding some epic routes, regardless of your skill level. Beyond Boise, a car ride will afford you amazing views and a plethora of trails among Idaho’s beautiful mountains. 

Whether you’re just starting out or already consider yourself a mountain biker, having the right gear can mean the difference between a day of frustration or pure joy. To help you make the most of your mountain bike adventures, we’ve compiled this gear list to elevate your biking game to the next level. 

Equipping Your Vehicle

1. Bike Racks

Price Range: $100-$600 // Sure, you could just shove your mountain bike into the back of your SUV or truck, but you’re likely to do some damage to the bike or your car. As you’ve likely seen, there are a myriad of options of how to transport your bike(s) from one place to the next. Below we’ve touched on a couple options to get you going. 

Hitch Mount Rack

Tailgate Pad

Trunk Rack

4. Portable Air Compressor

Price Range: $50-$100 // As they say “work smarter, not harder” and a portable air compressor is a perfect example of just that. They can be powered via your 12-volt cigarette lighter or a rechargeable lithium battery. On certain models, you can preset the PSI and the compressor will automatically shut off once it reaches the desired pressure.

4. Bike Tool Kit

Price Range: $100-$300 // It’s such a bummer to get to the trailhead and unload your bike, only to find that you’ve broken something and can’t ride. That scenario can be avoided if you stock your vehicle with a full bike repair kit that has the tools necessary to get you back in the saddle. Bonus: If you’re wanting to build your own kit, check out this helpful video. And, don’t forget your tire plug kit!

Equipping You 

1. CO2 Tire Inflator 

Price Range: $50-$100 // Getting stuck out on the trail with a flat tire sucks, plain and simple. With a CO2 tire inflator setup, you can deal with the problem in the moment and get back to riding. These inflators are also compact enough to carry in a hydration pack.

2. Electronic Suspension Analyser

Price Range: $300-$400 // Getting suspension just right for your riding style is usually a trial and error game, but an electronic suspension analyzer helps you dial in the right settings quicker and easier. How it works: Motion sensors attach to your front and rear suspension, analyzing motion and travel. Then an app allows you to view ride data and offers recommendations for air pressure, spring rate, compression, and rebound.

3. Cushioned Shorts

Price Range: $20-$250 // No matter your biology, even the most comfortable bike seats can make those extended rides painful on the inner thighs and bum. Protect yourself and enjoy those longer journeys with some cushioned bike shorts. They come in all styles and are either already attached to shorts or can be worn under your favorite biking shorts.

4. Dropper Seatpost

Price Range: $150-$800 // Sick downhill runs and jumps are far easier when you can drop your seat with the push of a button. Not to mention, it’s a real pain to be ejected from your bike due to a fully extended seat post, so we’ve heard. 😉 Letting your knees absorb the shock while riding rough terrain and navigating landings is a game changer.

5. Full Face Helmet

Price Range: $50-$500 // Going all out downhill and on jumps can have some serious repercussions without wearing a full face helmet. While you might look really cool in the moment, you could also end up in the emergency room with mangled facial features. For your sake, for your (future) spouse’s sake, trust us on this one…go full helmet!

We hope you’ve found this list to be helpful as you plan this Summer’s adventures. If there are items you love to use and we didn’t include, feel free to shoot us an email or message us on social with your thoughts. It’s always great to hear from you and for all of us to share with each other.

Next Week: Backpacking