Maverick Car Company's Price Philosophy

When it comes to pricing vehicles, there are 4 things that are especially important to us. We hope they are important to you as well, but we understand if they're not.

Marketability (a good deal) - Pretty Important

Over a number of years, we have outgrown all the independent car dealerships in Idaho, and our competitive "market-based" pricing is a big part of that. Everyone shops and compares vehicles online, so if we added even a little extra to our prices (for a negotiation cushion) then we wouldn’t be as competitive, and we wouldn’t be selling more vehicles than any other independent dealership in the valley.

Awesome Experiences - More Important

We don't follow the traditional model of marking up prices or adding in a little cushion to the price, in order to have "room to negotiate." Doing this only serves those that love to play negotiating games (and the dealership of course, when someone pays full price). This approach takes advantage of those that are uncomfortable negotiating or playing the stereotypical car dealer games. You may be a sharp negotiator, or you may be a first-time buyer —regardless of who you are, it will always be important to us that everyone gets a fair deal on their car or truck and has a great experience with us.

Positive Relationships - Seriously Important

With the old approach, even if you play the games and negotiate a fair deal, you still have been at odds with the dealer —probably for hours. You’ll likely be guarded and may even feel you have to lie about your real interest in the vehicle when you really do want the car. The dealership you're negotiating with probably won’t be totally honest with you either. That’s no way to build a positive relationship! Your experience with us, and our relationship with you, is far too important for us to waste your time and play those games. With our approach, we can be honest and open, so you can be too. That’s the only way to start a real relationship.

Integrity - The Most Important

If we tell one person, "this is our best price," and then later give someone else a lower price because they were a tough negotiator, that wouldn't have been honest or fair to the first person, and we would be giving up our integrity just to make a sale. We won’t give up our integrity. It’s that simple.

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