How Much Is Your Trade Worth?

Instantly Compare Your Car with Others in the Area

Industry-leading Tradepending Data

Maverick Car Company's "Value Your Trade" tool uses vehicle price analysis from industry leader, Tradepending.

Just like the way Google indexes web pages using a search engine bot, Tradepending scours new and used car dealer websites in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and beyond to figureout how much cars are selling for in the local market.

Tradepending then combines that information with industry data to give you a good estimate of what your vehicle is worth as a trade in.

We will need to see and inspect your veichle to confirm the Tradepending estimate shown in the "Value Your Trade" tool.

How to Use Tradepending

To help you understand how to read a Tradepending report. We have created a tutorial video.

After you enter your vehicle information in do the Tradepending "Value Your Trade" tool, you will see a report that includes some of these terms.

  • Supply describes the number of vehicles in our area (typically Boise, Meridian, and Nampa) that are like your vehicle.
  • Demand index estimates how long your car is likely to stay on a dealer's lot. As you might guess, the more quickly your vehicle sells, the more interested dealers will be.
  • Value to a dealer is a range of values. The range considers the supply, the demand index, and a range of possible vehicle conditions. You will need to see us at Maverick Car Company to properly identify the specific condition of your trade in.
  • Market information The tradepending report will also show you market infromation. Each dot on the market chart represents a vehicle like yours that is currently for sale at a dealership.
Screen capture of the Tradepending report

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