Meet the Team

Freeman Dawson




Hi, and thanks for checking us out! My name is Freeman. I grew up in Oregon, went to BYU, married the girl of my dreams, and then found the incredible Treasure Valley - and I love it here!


I graduated in Education and Exercise Science, but I got into the car business because of my love for Toyota trucks, after owning more than 20 during my years at BYU. I have continued in the car business because I have fun challenging the car dealer stereotype, and surprising customers with awesome cars and a great buying experience.


My four girls are the highlight of my life - my amazing wife of 7 years, and my daughters ages 5, 3, and 1 - and they are the cutest girls you’ve ever seen.  I’m happiest when I’m moving - especially in sports and outdoors. My favorites are rock climbing,  indoor soccer, football, volleyball, and snowboarding (when we get snow :) I hope to get back into teaching someday, but for now I’m having too much fun here with Maverick!


Patrick Palmer

Hi! My name is Patrick. Thanks for checking out our site. I 've lived in the Treasure Valley my entire life, and now live in Eagle. I attended the University of Utah and graduated in Economics and Spanish. I've had a deep love for cars ever since I can remember. I know car facts like some guys know football stats. Come ask me anything! 

I have an amazing wife of 10 years and two kids, age 7 and 3. As a family we love to hike, swim, bike, ski, and play outdoors. I also love to mountain bike, wakeboard and paraglide when I get the opportunity, and when the wind is just right. Spending time with my family is my favorite, and talking cars is a close second.

At Maverick, the thing that matters most is to make people happy and to see them smile. That's right - it's the smile on your face that we live for - it's our mission - it's what we're truly all about!

Our focus on this mission has kept us away from traditional car dealer methods, allowing us to create a car company unlike any other; this is why we are the Maverick car company - an unconventional dealership, dedicated to the simple mission of making people happy.

When you come to visit us, we want you to say... "Wow!... This was different... This was Awesome... I actually enjoyed buying my car”! Most importantly though, we want you to know that you can trust us and that we are here to help you, not sell you!

We do business this way because we want to feel great about the company we’ve built, the cars we sell, and especially the people we work with. By living true to our mission, we have such a positive impact that our customers become our friends, and our outspoken advocates. We know that doing business this way leads to great experiences, lasting relationships, and makes people happy.