Change Your Own Oil, Save Some Dough

To some folks, saving $30 by changing your own oil isn’t worth it. I grew up poor, and an extra $30 in the family budget meant we could afford the finer things in life like VHS rentals and supermarket ice cream.

Though I’m in my thirties now and can afford to have someone else do an oil change for me, I still like to save money and get the bragging rights that come with being a self-reliant, grab life by the horns kinda guy. I do it for the thrills.

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Snowshoeing the Boise National Forest

In the mid 1860s, at its peak during the gold rush, Idaho City was the biggest city in the northwest with about 200 businesses and 7,000 residents. If you’ve been to the small mountain town in the last 130 years, you’ve probably noticed it’s changed a bit.

With about 500 residents, according to the 2010 census, Idaho City is a remote stop along scenic Highway 21. But even during the blisteringly cold winter months, Idaho City is the base camp of memory for adventure seekers like myself who crave the beauty and peaceful solitude of Idaho’s mountainous wild.

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