Jeep: Born for the Battlefield

A group of Soldiers assist the driver in pushing his Jeep out of the mud  Oct. 4, 1944. (Courtesy of the George C. Marshall Foundation)

In 1940 things weren’t exactly peachy in Europe and Southeast Asia. Hitler had invaded Poland, Norway, and by June that year, most of western Europe. Japan had invaded China and would soon bomb Pearl Harbor before spreading its tentacles over southeast Asia.

During World War I, the U.S Military mainly relied on inefficient gas-powered vehicles and horses for scouting and transporting troops and weapons. By constantly pestering the Army at their offices and cocktail parties, a persistent car company lobbyist was able to convince military brass that his company could design and build the light-weight, all-wheel-drive vehicle they had dreamed of for decades.

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The Maverick Guide to Christmas Lighting

In the holiday classic “Christmas Vacation,” Chevy Chase’s character Clark “Sparky” Griswold is on a mission to complete the greatest Christmas light display of all time. The clumsy family man ends up high on a shaky ladder, with staple gun in hand, carefully stringing Christmas lights under the gutters of his suburban home.

Soon after beginning his quest for glory, Griswold accidentally staples his flannel sleeve to the house, then in an attempt to free himself, tears off his entire sleeve, flying backwards against a thick tree limb while gripping his ladder in terror.

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Home Gym Builds: Concrete Dumbbells

Having a home gym is a convenient way to stay consistent with your workout routine, especially if your schedule makes it hard to make a daily run to the gym. But purchasing equipment for a home gym can be expensive, about $2 per pound.

That’s why we (my girlfriend and I) decided to build our own sets of 35, 45, and 65 pound concrete free weights. The weights turned out great, and I’ve been using them daily.

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