Idaho Yurt Spots to Book This Winter

Yurts have been used for shelter for thousands of years due to their weather resistance and insulative capabilities.

Note: Yurt availability and amenities may be affected by COVID-19. Weekends bookings fill up quickly, so plan your trip in advance. 

Yurt Overview

The word yurt is of Turkic origin and describes a portable round tent covered in animal skins used by the nomadic peoples of central Asia like the Mongols (who actually call them gers). 

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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car Or Truck?

Alysa sits in a car from Maverick Car Company in Boise, Idaho.

The best time to buy a car or a truck is when you need it and can afford it. But that is probably not the answer you wanted.

When someone searches for “when is the best time to buy a car” he or she is probably looking for a deal —a way to save money on a very large and important purchase. And, frankly, if you’re buying a brand new car from an old-school, high-pressure dealership, seasonality can play a role in price. So, in this article you’re going to find two answers to the question of when to buy a vehicle.

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