A Reliable Car Can Make All the Difference

Do you know someone who could really use a car? They are hard-working, doing their best to get ahead, but just getting around is a real challenge?

Maverick Car Company may be able to help.

We have a small number of basic vehicles available for a free, three-month lease, which may be renewed for up to one year.

These vehicles are available to families or individuals who are working or actively pursuing employment, but who need a vehicle to get to work, to attend interviews, or to otherwise make the most of their opportunities.

Nomination Process

To nominate someone for a free, three-month vehicle lease, please provide:

  • Your contact information.
  • Contact information for the nominee.
  • A short (perhaps 200 word) description of how a free lease would help the nominee’s financial or employment situation.

As of May 5, 2020, all available free-lease vehicle are in use. Your nomination will be considered as soon as a vehicle becomes available.

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Program Basics

  • Maverick offers a free, three-month lease. Renewable up to one year.
  • Vehicle recipients will be responsible for registration, insurance, and fuel.
  • Regular maintenance is done for free at Maverick Car Company.
  • A monthly check-in and vehicle inspection is required.
  • Vehicle recipients may be responsible for damage to the vehicle.
  • To be considered, a family or individual must be nominated. They may not apply for themselves.


Maverick Car Company has a very limited number of free-lease vehicles available. Recipients are selected by individual Maverick team members, who will then become the point of contact for all things related to the free lease, including scheduling basic vehicle inspections and maintenance, and check-in meetings.

You and the nominee may be interviewed, as part of the selection process, but an interview does not guarantee selection.

Priority may be given to families or individuals with children or handicapped dependents. Families or individuals who currently have no available means of transportation are also a priority.


This program is intended to provide short-term help to families or individuals who are actively working to improve their financial or employment condition. The free lease may be renewed — three months at a time — for up to one year if the lessee is making progress.


Recipients of a free-lease vehicle are responsible for it. This includes being responsible for cosmetic damage done to the vehicle.